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Download/Read The Tell: The Little Clues That Reve

Download/Read The Tell: The Little Clues That Reve

Read online or Download The Tell: The Little Clues That Reveal Big Truths about Who We Are (Full PDF ebook with essay, research paper)
by Matthew Hertenstein

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Every day we make predictions based on limited information, in business and at home. Will this company’s stock performance continue? Will the job candidate I just interviewed be a good employee? What kind of adult will my child grow up to be? We tend to dismiss our predictive minds as prone to bias and mistakes, but in The Tell, psychologist Matthew Hertenstein reveals that our intuition is surprisingly good at using small clues to make big predictions, and shows how we can make better decisions by homing in on the right details.

Just as expert poker players use their opponents’ tells to see through their bluffs, Hertenstein shows that we can likewise train ourselves to read physical cues to significantly increase our predictive acumen. By looking for certain clues, we can accurately call everything from election results to the likelihood of marital success, IQ scores to sexual orientation—even from flimsy evidence, such as an old yearbook photo or a silent one-minute video. Moreover, by understanding how people read our body language, we can adjust our own behavior so as to ace our next job interview or tip the dating scales in our favor.

Drawing on rigorous research in psychology and brain science, Hertenstein shows us how to hone our powers of observation to increase our predictive capacities. A charming testament to the power of the human mind, The Tell will, to paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, show us how to notice what we see.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

"An enjoyable read, particularly for nonspecialists; researchers who aspire to write for a popular audience can learn from the author’s confident and informative writing style.”

“[W]ritten in a style that could have appeared in an article in The New York Times Magazine.... The Tell is both entertaining and fascinating, full of interesting information about human beings and their behavior.”

“Verdict: Extremely relatable to the lay reader while still accessing an incredible amount of peer-reviewed scholarship, Hertenstein's work is perhaps the most comprehensive explanation of the correlation of nonverbal communication to genetics and behavior available today. Despite its nonacademic tone, this book has much to teach any reader.”
—Library Journal Review (Starred Review)

“An entertaining look at our oft-maligned intuitive capabilities, offering useful tips on how we may sharpen our powers of observation and increase the accuracy of our predictions.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Fascinating.... The Tell succeeds as an engaging tour through current work in the science of behavior by a young psychologist who has the makings of a leading contributor to his field.”
—Shelf Awareness

“The Tell is highly recommended.”
—Style Magazine

“Entertaining…in the Malcolm Gladwell-ian tradition.”
—Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life

“Those curious to learn about the powers of observation and the unconscious mind should definitely put this book on their to-read list.”
—Quick Book Reviews

“Lively and engaging.... Hertenstein offers much material to ponder and suggests that we embrace the power of these tools for helping us predict behavior.”
—Publishers Weekly

“The human brain, some have said, is a prediction machine. Sometimes our forecasts go awry, of course. But often our astonishing ability to predict helps us navigate our complex physical, social, and emotional environments. In this fascinating book, Matthew Hertenstein unpacks the secrets of our predictive abilities and shows how we can hone those abilities to become better judges of people and situations. The Tell is one of the year’s essential reads.”
—Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell Is Human, Drive, and A Whole New Mind

“Some of the most important decisions you make in life could be improved by taking advantage of the information contained in the hidden clues that, unknown to you, surround you every day. In this lively and informative book, Matthew Hertenstein will show you how to find those clues and use them to improve your understanding of the world around you.”
—Sam Gosling, author of Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You

“Prepare to be amazed. Psychologist Matthew Hertenstein reveals stunning discoveries of how mere glimpses of behavior—infant reactivity, portrait smiles, physical energy, facial width and symmetry, height, nonverbal microbehaviors, and more—can foretell one’s future personality, risk of divorce, sexual orientation, longevity, income, psychopathology, lies, and success. The grand result: a science of people prediction, or (dare I say) a scientific basis for some authentic fortune telling.”
—David G. Myers, Professor of Psychology, Hope College, and author of Intuition: Its Powers and Perils

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